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Tok Kaduk’s Curse Started in Lambor, Perak

Based on the story that has been passed down from one generation to another, Tok Kaduk is said to be a man whose ancestor traced back to the Siak royalty located in the Sumatera island in Indonesia. He went on a sail and finally decided to settle in Lambor, Perak.

The Corpse of the 24th Sultan of Perak is Not Buried for more than...

Almarhum Sultan Ali Al-Mukammal Inayat Shah is the Sultan of Perak that is loved by all of his people. His Majesty Almarhum Sultan Ali is the 24th Sultan of Perak and has reign over Perak up to 6 years from the year 1865 to the year 1871.

Bullet Factory in Malim Nawar Left by Japanese

Many people are unaware that there is a village in Malim Nawar named Kampung Tanjung Bangkong which contains a lot of historical treasures especially the coming and the settlement of the Japanese army to Tanah Melayu particularly in Perak.

The Government that Existed Before the Coming of the Sultanate of Perak

Based on the book written by Abdul Halim Nasir which is currently being kept in the National Museum stated that before Sultan Muzaffar Shah I became the Sultan of Perak in 1525, they were Orang-orang Besar (local leaders) that governed every district in Perak.

The History of Parit Buntar, Perak

The name Parit Buntar is said to have been taken from the name of a prominent leader named Tok Buntar.

Kazar’s Journey Before Fame in Entertainment Industry

Most youngsters nowadays do not know that Kazar started in the entertainment industry as a recording artist and he was very popular in the 1980’s.

How Mambang Di Awan Got its Name

Following the undying words of an English officer, George Maxwell once called the place as Mambang Di Awan due to the existence of a Mambang or angle that hailed from Gunung Bujang, Melaka.

Get to Know the Teacher That Taught Religious Values to Five Perak Sultans

As time passes by, our forgotten historical figures should be recognized not only to the people in Perak, but to the people of Malaysia as a whole and the figure is no other than the teacher that has taught religion to five Sultans of Perak.

Facts about Istana Billah in Papan, Perak

King Billah is a rightful heir from the Mandailing Empire whom is both very wealthy and influential. He build a mansion that is known today as the Billah Castle or Istana Billah.

Big and Strange Fish in Sungai Perak

What is your opinion when we tell you that we have large fishes that can grow up to 5 foot human height located here in Sungai Perak?

Where Is Kamal Ashnawi, The World’s Richest Perak Born Trillionaire?

He claimed that he is also a royal offspring from Java, Indonesia by the name Raden Mas Prabhu Gusti Agung Ki Asmoro Wijoyo and is expected to be crowned as the Emperor of Indonesia in the next few years.

A Perakian Was the First Malay Actor in Hollywood

That was when his glorious moments sets in as Ibrahim Pendek makes the nation proud by recording a history in Malay filmmaking as he became the first Malay actor to play in Hollywood's film with Rock Hudson and Gene Rowlands in The Spiral Road.

The Story of a Taiping-born soldier, Sentenced to Death by Japan

The earliest Askar Melayu troop with body number 12, Lt Ibrahim bin Sidek, passed away with his companion Lt Ariffin bin Sulaiman with body number 8, and five other soldiers of Askar Melayu.

Tamar Jalis the Famous Horror Writer from Beruas

Tamar Jalis is the pen name for the famous horror genre book writer in Malaysia.

Interesting Facts about Menora Tunnel

The 55-kilometer highway project will not complete without the two tunnels measuring 880-meters and 830-meters each, known as the Menora Tunnel.

Malaysia’s Longest Serving Prison Detainee in Taiping Prison

Salleh Talib and Jamil Ahmad who were released from prison in 2006 after receiving remission has created history as they had spent the longest time serving as detainee in Malaysia. Their story should be taken as a lesson to us all.

Princess of Perak, the Richest Woman in Malaysia

In 2007, Raja Eleena was nominated as the 25th richest individual in Malaysia.

Beting Beras Basah Witnessed the Arrival of the First Sultan of Perak

The history of Perak’s royalty starts in the early 15th century; 1528 to be exact, when the first Sultan of Perak was enthroned at Beting Beras Basah.

The Myth of a Giant Snake Bombed by the Japanese in Perak

At that time, it was said that rumors spread throughout Perak saying that the Japanese troops killed many giant snakes in holes by using a grenade alone.

Pengkalan Hulu was Formerly a Sovereign Reman State

The history of Malay sultanatein Reman state is said to have begun since 1810 when Tuan Tok Nik Tok Leh, a royal family of Patani, had raised a protest and rebellion to achieve Reman’s independance from Patani.

Tuanku Zara Salim A Graceful Lady, A People’s Queen

Tuanku Zara is the greatgranddaughter of the 24th Sultan of Kedah, the Late Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah, who was the father of the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.

Where is Sungai Perak’s Actual Source?

It is believed that Sungai Perak originates from two different springflows in Royal Belum and meets at lubuk Y and hey merge to form a river called Sungai Perak which extends around 400km towards Hilir Perak.

Raja Azlan Muzzaffar Shah, the Eldest Son of the 35th Sultan of Perak

The eldest son of Sultan Nazrin Shah, who is the 35th Sultan of Perak, with his lovely wife Tuanku Zara Salim, The Queen of Perak was born at around 10 am on March 14th, 2008 in Hospital Pakar Damansara, Selangor.

Who’s Statue is on the Temple near Kellie’s Castle?

When talking about Kellie’s Castle, almost everyone would regard it as The Taj Mahal of Malaysia- if it was completely built. As an introduction, this castle was built in 1905 as a manifestation of love from a husband to his wife.

Mystery of the Faded Image on the Birch Memorial Clock Tower

Memorial Birch Clock Tower which is located beside Perak State Mosque was built in 1909 in the remembrance of first British Resident of Perak’s 34th death anniversary; J.W.W. Brich.

The Story of Abandoned Casuarina Inn in Taiping

Casuarina Inn, located at Taman Tasik Taiping, Perak, used to be a famous and cheap hotel resultant of its attractive design and architecture since British created it but it now left vacated. It has been left without any owner for a long time and has led to mysterious stories regarding to the empty hotel.

Getting to Know Raja Ahmad Nazim Azlan Shah

Engku Raja Ahmad Nazim Azlan Shah then continued his studies at one of the prestige schools in Kuala Lumpur which is Garden International School (GIS).

Raja Chulan is The First Malay Chosen To Be A Part of British Administration

The person that we will be talking about is the first Malay to be appointed as an officer in the British Administration which is as Malayan Civil Service (MCS).

3 Raja Who Were Born in Perak

These three individuals who were born in Perak often becomes jokes in Facebook. They hold the title of Raja in their own respective categories which are Raja Report Polis, Raja Bomoh Sedunia and Raja (Sultan) Melaka.

Kris Taming Sari is Kept in Perak

Tale of Kris Taming Sari starts when Sultan and his group went to Java Island to propose Raja Jawa’s daughter.