Mystical Curse Of The Orphan On Ban Pecah Tanjung Piandang

According to stories by word of mouth of local residents, it seems that the curse of an orphan has changed the look of the fertile area into the sea.

The Case of Perak Celebrating Aidil Fitri One Day Earlier In 1983

In 1983 for the first time in Malaysian history Perak and Johore celebrated hari raya Aidil Fitri one day earlier than the other states in Malaysia.

The Abandoned Highway In Gua Tempurung Since 1996

You will surely notice the existence of the old High Way which has been abandoned and not used since 1996 when passing by this area It has been abandoned because of the land slide which caused the structure of the High Way bridge to b damaged badly and is probably difficult to repair.

Parameswara’s Sword is Now Inherited by Sultan of Perak

Not many Malaysians,even those who were born in Perak themselves, have ever known about several items which symbolise the sovereignty of Perak Sultanate. Perak Sultanate is actually a continuation of the great ruling by Malacca Sultanate which owns Tanah Melayu once upon a time.

The Territorial Army Founder Lines From Lambor Kiri

For your information, he is the founder of the territorial army and also automatically be the first director of territorial army.

Who is Panglima Hitam in Perak History?

According to our legends, only those who are really good in self-defense arts and battle that can uphold the tittle of Panglima Hitam. Panglima Hitam is appointed as the bodyguard of Sultan.

Mathematic Genius From Parit, Perak

Interesting fact about him, he is a mathematics genius loves to teach mathematics around the city's compounds and streets without even asking for a single cent.

History, Tale of Bota Kiri and Bota Kanan

The original name of Bota was Berahman Indera and it was actually an administration centre of Sultan Alauddin Mughayat Shah which also the 12th Sultan of Perak and has ruled Perak from 1720 until 1728. Berahman Indera has also been an administration centre for a few other Sultan of Perak.

The Most Popular Dermatology Clinic in Perak, Klinik Nagoke

This is the clinic which has been the talk of the town as citizens swarm in just to have their skin diseases treated. It is always filled with patients every single day. Among those who visited, a large number have many skin diseases. Near or far, they come from different locations disregard of the distance.

Mysterious Events in 1970 at Gunung Pondok, Kuala Kangsar

One of the mysteries happened in the year 1970 when a Chinese researcher was reported lost while carrying out exploration with his group. It is said that he went missing without anyone noticing where he went to while on the hill top. Until today, nobody knows his exact location.