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The Myth Behind the Letter A for Perak Vehicle Registration Number

Initially, the first alphabet of the vehicle registration number in Perak was not the letter A, but the letter PK.

YMM Tuanku Bainun, From a Teacher to the Queen of Perak

We wanted to share the story of a famous lady in the history of the Sultanate of Perak.

A Mansion Without Nails in Beruas

A mansion which can be seen when we pass through Beruas town. It is located exactly opposite to Sekolah Kebangsaan Beruas, separated by the road.

The Sad Story of a Loyal Wife Who Cycles Daily to...

This doesn’t mean that she’s unable to accept the fact of her beloved husband’s death rather she is relieved and acquiesced by the departure of her beloved husband. For her, this is how she remembers her husband daily by sending food to her husband's working place.

Why Is There a Tombstone in Kota Lama Kanan Mosque in...

It is not a tombstone to represent a human’s body being buried at the front most saf in Kota Lama Kanan Mosque, rather merely a stone in remembrance of Sultan Mansur Syah 1 which is the 2nd Sultan of Perak from 1549 to 1577, who was said to have vanished while performing Friday prayer in this mosque.

The Corpse of the 24th Sultan of Perak is Not Buried...

Almarhum Sultan Ali Al-Mukammal Inayat Shah is the Sultan of Perak that is loved by all of his people. His Majesty Almarhum Sultan Ali is the 24th Sultan of Perak and has reign over Perak up to 6 years from the year 1865 to the year 1871.

A Perakian Was the First Malay Actor in Hollywood

That was when his glorious moments sets in as Ibrahim Pendek makes the nation proud by recording a history in Malay filmmaking as he became the first Malay actor to play in Hollywood's film with Rock Hudson and Gene Rowlands in The Spiral Road.

The Story of a Taiping-born soldier, Sentenced to Death by Japan

The earliest Askar Melayu troop with body number 12, Lt Ibrahim bin Sidek, passed away with his companion Lt Ariffin bin Sulaiman with body number 8, and five other soldiers of Askar Melayu.

The Myth of a Giant Snake Bombed by the Japanese in...

At that time, it was said that rumors spread throughout Perak saying that the Japanese troops killed many giant snakes in holes by using a grenade alone.

Pengkalan Hulu was Formerly a Sovereign Reman State

The history of Malay sultanatein Reman state is said to have begun since 1810 when Tuan Tok Nik Tok Leh, a royal family of Patani, had raised a protest and rebellion to achieve Reman’s independance from Patani.

Tuanku Zara Salim A Graceful Lady, A People’s Queen

Tuanku Zara is the greatgranddaughter of the 24th Sultan of Kedah, the Late Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah, who was the father of the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj.

Raja Chulan is The First Malay Chosen To Be A Part...

The person that we will be talking about is the first Malay to be appointed as an officer in the British Administration which is as Malayan Civil Service (MCS).

A Sad Tragedy at Kerian River that Should be Remembered

On September 13th 1972, an incident that couldn’t be forgotten by the community around both border area of Kerian River happened. A ferry with a bus of students of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Kerian as its load went sinked.

The Mystery of a Haunted Old House in Lumut

The existence of this abandoned old house was unknown due to the thick forest surrounding it. The forest was then discovered by developer for the purpose of development. As the area was cleared, a creepy old house were to be seen. The owner remains unknown.

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The Myth Behind the Letter A for Perak Vehicle Registration Number

Initially, the first alphabet of the vehicle registration number in Perak was not the letter A, but the letter PK.

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