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The No. 1 Satay of Choice in Bota

Sate Bota or Mustafa Sate Bota are names that are familiar to the people of Central Perak owing to its maintained deliciousness since over 30 years backand the cheapest in the market.

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The Origin of Sitiawan City Name

According to earlier history of how Sitiawan got its name, it was said to be derived from four elephants passing through this village. Suddenly, one of them disappeared from the herd.

The Myth Behind the Letter A for Perak Vehicle Registration Number

Initially, the first alphabet of the vehicle registration number in Perak was not the letter A, but the letter PK.

History of Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK)

The MCKK was established in 1905 by the British on the recommendation of Richard James Wilkinson, a colony education officer at the time.