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The Myth Behind the Letter A for Perak Vehicle Registration Number

Initially, the first alphabet of the vehicle registration number in Perak was not the letter A, but the letter PK.

Perak Museum is the Oldest Museum in Peninsular Malaysia

The British began the steps in the construction of this Perak museum building in 1883.

The Sultan of Selangor Existed Because of The Sultan of Perak

How the first Sultan of Selangor was appointed as the ruler in Selangor and this story is closely related to the 16th Sultan of Perak which was Sultan Mahmud Syah II.

Types of Perak Accent That You Might Not Know

This fortunate state of Perak has 5 main dialects, namely North accent, Patani accent, Indonesian Archipelago accent, South Peninsula accent and the Sungai Perak Valley accent.

YMM Tuanku Bainun, From a Teacher to the Queen of Perak

We wanted to share the story of a famous lady in the history of the Sultanate of Perak.

The Uniqueness of the Giant Well in Selama, Perak

What’s interesting on the outskirts of Kampung Bagan Baharu is that there is a giant-sized lake

The Fall of Gangga Negara In Perak

There are some stories of the fall of the Gangga Negara government in the hikayat that has been recorded in the Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Melayu).

Story of the Founder of Ramly Burger From Tanjung Piandang, Perak

There was once when, Ramly Bin Mokni, owner of Ramly Burger, bought a burger with a street vendor who was selling Ramly Burger brand but the latter did not recognize nor acknowledge the former.

Statue of Buddha Buried In Perak Is Not an Ancient Remnant

Currently, the 30 feet long sleeping Buddha is buried underneath a village in Kampung Senawar, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

Tok Kaduk’s Curse Started in Lambor, Perak

Based on the story that has been passed down from one generation to another, Tok Kaduk is said to be a man whose ancestor traced back to the Siak royalty located in the Sumatera island in Indonesia. He went on a sail and finally decided to settle in Lambor, Perak.

The Corpse of the 24th Sultan of Perak is Not Buried...

Almarhum Sultan Ali Al-Mukammal Inayat Shah is the Sultan of Perak that is loved by all of his people. His Majesty Almarhum Sultan Ali is the 24th Sultan of Perak and has reign over Perak up to 6 years from the year 1865 to the year 1871.

The Government that Existed Before the Coming of the Sultanate of...

Based on the book written by Abdul Halim Nasir which is currently being kept in the National Museum stated that before Sultan Muzaffar Shah I became the Sultan of Perak in 1525, they were Orang-orang Besar (local leaders) that governed every district in Perak.

The History of Parit Buntar, Perak

The name Parit Buntar is said to have been taken from the name of a prominent leader named Tok Buntar.

Get to Know the Teacher That Taught Religious Values to Five...

As time passes by, our forgotten historical figures should be recognized not only to the people in Perak, but to the people of Malaysia as a whole and the figure is no other than the teacher that has taught religion to five Sultans of Perak.

Facts about Istana Billah in Papan, Perak

King Billah is a rightful heir from the Mandailing Empire whom is both very wealthy and influential. He build a mansion that is known today as the Billah Castle or Istana Billah.

Where Is Kamal Ashnawi, The World’s Richest Perak Born Trillionaire?

He claimed that he is also a royal offspring from Java, Indonesia by the name Raden Mas Prabhu Gusti Agung Ki Asmoro Wijoyo and is expected to be crowned as the Emperor of Indonesia in the next few years.

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The Myth Behind the Letter A for Perak Vehicle Registration Number

Initially, the first alphabet of the vehicle registration number in Perak was not the letter A, but the letter PK.

History of Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK)

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