The Sad Story of a Loyal Wife Who Cycles Daily to IPD Gerik

What a fortunate husband to be destined with a faithful partner like Mrs. Saadiah Binti Abdullah. Although her husband had died a long time ago since 1975, her heart’s longing for her husband caused her to go back to her beloved husband’s workplace by cycling for 5 kilometers daily.

Many people might have known this and we would like to re-deliver this story of Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah to the loyal readers of

Behind Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah’s smile lies love and yearn for her late husband who was brutally murdered by the communist terrorists.

Puan Saadiah

The tragedy that struck Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah’s late husband can never be forgotten by their family members and the locals. However, fate has been written and the past can never be returned as it was.

This doesn’t mean that she’s unable to accept the fact of her beloved husband’s death rather she is relieved and acquiesced by the departure of her beloved husband. For her, this is how she remembers her husband daily by sending food to her husband’s working place.

Mrs. Saadiah Binti Abdullah’s husband was a policeman in Gerik, named Alias ​​Nik Daud. He was a policeman who served as a “boatman” during which Alias ​​Nik Daud and his team had to send necessities into the jungle for the daily use of state fighters.

Puan Saadiah

On August 28, 1975, Alias ​​Nik Daud, along with his comrade was assigned to deliver food supplies to Pasukan Komando 69 at TemengGor Control Post. Unfortunately that day, their team was ambushed by the cruel communist terrorists.

Puan Saadiah

The purpose of the attack was detected; it was none other than cutting off food supply to the team. A message to the loyal readers of, despite the happy life we lived in today, never forget the communist terrorist cruelty in the past and it is very sensible for us to always treasure the service done by these heroes who fought hard in defending our beloved nation.

Puan Saadiah

credit to Kedah District Police Headquarters

What happened in the ambush was extremely brutal. From the locals’ verbal narration, some mentioned that all policemen who were ambushed by the communist were tortured till dead. What’s saddening is, some were murdered savagely by cutting their body parts and genitals, their bodies were tied to a boat and were dragged.

Even though the dark incident has passed for decades and caused Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah to lose her husband in the ambush, she continues to send food supplies to Gerik District Police Headquarters (IPD).

Mrs. Saadiah Binti Abdullah is said to be cycling almost daily except on some days when she’s not well. The food sent is not for her husband, but for any policeman in charge in the Gerik District Police Headquarters.

Puan Saadiah

Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah’s story attracted not only the locals, but those living around Hulu Perak also know the story of Puan Saadiah Binti Abdullah who cycles to the Gerik District Police Headquarters (IPD) since 1975. Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah as a faithful wife has been an inspiration to the youngsters.

Some information stated that Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah’s descendants continued her legacy by bringing food to Gerik District Police Headquarters (IPD) after Mrs. Saadiah Binti Abdullah was injured due to a fall of the bicycle while carrying food to the District Police Headquarters ( IPD) Gerik.

Puan Saadiah

credit to IPD Gerik

Cinta SaadiahSeperti mengayuh basikal begitulah
(Saadiah’s love – as how she cycles her bike)
dia mengayuh kasihnya, dan setiap kali dia menghantar
(likewise she cycles her love, and everytime she delivers)
gulai lemak dan ikan panggang
(gulai lemak and grilled fish)
begitulah juga, dia menghantar rindunya
(likewise she delivers her longing)
yang tersisa di Rumah Pasung IPD Gerik
(which remains in Rumah Pasung IPD Gerik)

Antara Mak Cik Saadiah Abdullah
(between aunty Saadiah Abdullah)
dan Arwah Alias Nik Daud
(and the late Alias Nik Daud)
telah lama terpisah
(have long separated)
telah lama pasrah
(have long accepted)

28 Ogos 1975, saat Komando 69
(28th August 1975, when Komando 69)
menjadi benteng pertahanan negara
(become the nation’s defense )
di Pos Kawalan Temenggor
(at Temenggor Control Post)
MMT 5244 – Alias Nik Daud rebah, ditembusi peluru komunis

(MMT 5244 – Alias Nik Daud fell, penetrated by communist’s bullets)

Air mata Saadiah tumpah
(Saadiah’s tears streamed down)
bersama tetesan
(with the tears of)
Wan Zulkarnain, Wan Samsul dan Wan Jelani
(Wan Zulkarnain, Wan Samsul and Wan Jelani)
anak-anak yang masih tak kenal makna kehilangan
(children who haven’t understood the meaning of loss)

Dan hari ini
(and today)
setelah 37 tahun berlalu
(after 37 years had passed)
setelah ketiga-tiga puteranya dewasa
(after all her three princes have grown up)
Saadiah Abdullah tetap setia
(Saadiah Abdullah is still loyal)

mengayuh kasih dan menghantar cintanya
(cycling her bike and sending her love)
ke Rumah Pasung IPD Gerik, kerana katanya
(to Rumah Pasung IPD Gerik, because she said)
yang dikebumikan hanyalah Alias Nik Daud
(the one that’s buried was just Alias Nik Daud)
bukan kasih dan cintanya
(not her love)

A melancholic poetry about the story of Mrs Saadiah Binti Abdullah quoted from a book, Demi Selembar by Razali Mohd Yussof. This story of a wife’s loyalty and love is exemplary and should be passed to the youth of today.

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