The Village at the Bottom of Temenggor Lake, Gerik

For those who have gone through, it can never be forgotten seeing their own homes being flooded with water. That is the fate of the original inhabitants of Kampung Temenggor located in the north of Gerik, Perak.

The story of their sinking plots took place in about 1976, leaving 1,001 stories in every face of the victim who moved to new settlements.

Everything started when the National Electricity Board (LLN), now known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), started building a hydroelectric station dam in the area known as the Temenggor dam.

The construction of the Temenggor dam is very important as it is capable of contributing 348 megawatts of installed capacity and generating an average energy of 900 million units within a year.

The implementation of the Temenggor dam construction project started in 1973 and took five years to fully be completed in 1978.

The total value of this dam construction project is about RM340 million. The construction of the dam was the cause of the tragedy whereby the whole Kampung Temenggor was flooded.

In 1976, Kampung Temenggor was wholly immersed underneath the Temenggor Lake; including wooden houses of rumbia, mosques, schools, rice fields, orchards and rubber plantations.

The sinking of Kampung Temenggor marks the end of an era where people lived at the riverbank which was over 300 years ago.

Kampung Di Dasar Tasik Temenggor, Gerik

Residents in Kampung Temenggor had to move for survival. The transfer process involved about 124 families consisting of 625 residents from Kampung Temenggor.

For your information, the loyalists of, Kampung Temenggor consisted of several villages namely Kampung Panggas, Kampung Bukit, Kampung Mingkong and Kampung Kertei.

The evacuation process of native residents in Kampung Temenggor began early in the morning on 24th June 1976. Three Nuri helicopters departed from Kuantan Air Force (RMAF) airstrip to Ayer Ganda in Gerik to implement Ops Move. The mission was headed by Lt (U) Azmi Ibrahim along with his other crew members.

The evacuation mission of Kampung Temenggor residents was successfully carried out by Lt (U) Azmi Ibrahim and his team. The three Nuri helicopters returned and arrived at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) airstrip in Kuantan at Maghrib after everything was safe and Ops Move was completed. Congratulations to those involved in the Ops Move operation.

Kampung Di Dasar Tasik Temenggor, Gerik

The National Electricity Board (LLN), now known as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), with a great sense of responsibility has provided a new settlement through the Perak State Government for them, the victims of the sinking Kampung Temenggor.

They’ve provided basic amenities such as roads, water, electricity, mosques, schools, rural clinics, public halls and much more as promised before transfers.

The government provides 0.5 acres of new placement sites, 10 acres of rubber orchards and 2 acres of land for each head of family with not a single cent fee.

The deceased Sultan Idris II (the 33th Sultan of Perak) who held the throne at that time declared the new settlement as the name Kampung Ganda Temenggor taken in conjunction with the name of a river, the Sungai Ganda.

The late Sultan Idris II (the 33rd Sultan of Perak) inaugurated the Kampung Ganda Temengor in August 1976. With the help and concern of many parties, the rights of those who remembered Kampung Temenggor as their hometown was defended.

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