Types of Perak Accent That You Might Not Know

This fortunate state of Perak has 5 main dialects, namely North accent, Patani accent, Indonesian Archipelago accent, South Peninsula accent and the Sungai Perak Valley accent.

Since the Perak state is bordered with other states, it cannot escape from accepting the influence of another state’s accent. For example, Perak‚Äôs residents in the northern part (Kerian and Larut Matang) such as Bagan Serai, Taiping and Parit Buntar until Pantai Remis are more influenced by the Kedah accent and fluent north accent.

Historically, most of the people in the area originated from Kedah migrated to Perak due to the threat of Siam in 1821.

In the Hulu Perak section of Kroh, Grik and Lenggong, people in this area used Patani accent. This causes its dialect to be similar to Kelantan’s dialect. As far as the north, the Hulu Perak people are mostly made up of residents of Patani and Reman.

Next is in the Kinta area, where the dialects also vary according to the community. The majority of residents here come from Indonesian archipelago such as Rawa, Mandheling, Banjar and many more and use the archipelago Indonesian accent.

While in the south, Batang Padang district until Bagan Datoh, its dialect is more influenced by the southern dialect of the Peninsular like Selangor and Johor.

This is because the community also comprises of migrants from Selangor (Javanese and Bugis) during the Civil War in Selangor around 1860 to 1870.

Then in Central Perak as in Kuala Kangsar, Sayong, Karai, Bota, Parit, Lambor Kg. Gajah and Tg.Blanja. This is the true dialect of Perak since it is somewhat different from the other places and is very interesting to those who listened to this accent.

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